Active Lifestyle for Everyone (ALFE)

We are pleased to announce the  adoption of ALFE (Active Lifestyle for Everyone). ALFE becomes the 4th project to join the Horizon services campaign.

Sedentary behaviour in the population is an increasing problem that urgently requires addressing. It is estimated that an inactive person will have a lifespan on average 15 years shorter than an active person, and that the inactive person will spend approximately 25% of their lifespan suffering with a chronic illness. Such reductions in overall health and quality of life, unsurprisingly, have a significant impact upon public services, including the NHS and social care networks.

ALFE is a pilot study to gather evidence to support the design and implementation of an assistant service to engage with consumers in order to increase levels of physical activity in population considered ‘hard to reach’ through existing methods.

Project Lead: James Pinchin, Transitional Assistant Professor, Horizon Digital Economy Research


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